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Black Ops 1 Error Monitor

This tool monitors several values that can cause a reset or crash. It does not provide any fixes, just the ability to monitor values and analyze data.

Also included (in version 1.3 or newer) is the Entity List, which provides a comprehensive list of all the entities present in the loaded map.

Only tested on the legitimate Steam versions.

Size (Uncompressed): ~128KB
Size (Compressed): ~44KB
Version: 1.7
Supported OS: Windows (Should work will all modern versions)
Required .NET redistributable: 4.6.1
License: Included in download.
Download: here

GitHub: here

Basic Usage Instructions:
After downloading the tool, make sure to extract it from the archive. Then, when Black Ops 1 is running, start the monitor. It should automatically connect to the game and begin displaying values (Don't worry about the game quitting/restarting, it'll automatically reconnect to it).

To change what values are displayed, click the "Setting and Layout" button and check/uncheck the modules in the list to suit your needs.

- Removed empty/null entities from the Entity List.
- Fixed button width on setting and layout menu.
- Added ZombiesInMap counter and timer tracking their demise (thanks, CRAFTEDsam)
- Changed existing "numGEntities" to "numGEntities Allocated", as it reflected the currently allocated space for all entities - not the number of active ones.
- Added "numGEntities Used" to represent the number of active entities.
- Fixed a bug where the program would hang for a while and then throw an error when attempting to exit.
- Tweaked ZombiesInMap, making the timer start when the number drops below 24 and stop when it reaches 24 again. Also changed displayed timer from minutes & seconds to seconds & milliseconds.
v1.3.4: (Unreleased, skipped)
- Added TIM's crash handler.
v1.3.5: (Released)
- Added the ability to change the background and text colour.
- Fixed a crash when .NET 4.6.1 wasn't installed.
- Added SEH hooking feature for advanced debugging.
- Changed LevelTime to only display hours.
- Added new widgets: Last Network Snapshot Entities & numSnapshotEntitiesPercentage.
- Fixed several bugs and crashes.
- Added com_frameTime tracker.
- Fixed bug where progress bar would not finish.
- Fixed connecting to the game being slow.
- Tidy up for Open Sourcing.

Suggestions/Reporting Bugs: Contact magicbennie