Magics Utility Tool for Black Ops 1 - Downloads

Magics Utility Tool (MUT)

This tool allows you to easily change your FOV, FPS, toggle forcehost, toggle whether the IP address of the host is shown in the scoreboard and patch movement speed. Only for the legitimate Steam version of Black Ops 1 Zombies, multiplayer and cracked versions of the game are not supported.

Size (Uncompressed): ~900KB
Size (Compressed): ~614KB
Version: 1.5
Supported OS: Windows 8 or above
License: Included in download.
Download: here

Basic Usage Instructions:
After downloading the tool, make sure to extract it from the archive. Then, when the game is running, start MUT. It should automatically connect to the game (Don't worry about the game quitting/restarting, it'll automatically reconnect to it).

Change the values to suit your needs. MUT will remember these and automatically reapply them whenever it starts/the game starts.

- Hide Hosts IP: This is a clientside fix. If you don't want the IP showing for people in your lobby, then THEY need to run MUT. This feature is mainly for streaming.
- If you are running Windows 7 and are having problems with the game not being detected by MUT, open the config file (MUT.cfg) and change AllowAlternateProcessSearchMethod=False to AllowAlternateProcessSearchMethod=True.

Suggestions/Reporting Bugs: Contact magicbennie