Halo Online RCON Client - Downloads

Halo Online RCON Client

This tool is a somewhat feature rich administration RCON tool for the Halo Online mod ElDewrito (v0.6).

- Secure RCON password storage, whole config file encryption.
- Ability to save multiple servers and quickly switch between them.
- Chat window for interacting with players on the server.
- Player list displaying information like Name, UID and IP address. Also includes buttons to quickly kick, temp ban and ban.
- Ability to change popular server settings on the fly.
- Ability to change current map/variant, end or reset current match.

Size (Uncompressed): ~73KB
Size (Compressed): ~29KB
Version: 0.1
ElDewrito Version: 0.6
Supported OS: Windows 8 or newer
.NET Required: 4.6.1
Download: here

Basic Installation Instructions:
Download and extract EXE to wherever you wish. Run it and enter a password you would like to use to encrypt the config file.