SATm - Downloads


Development on SATm has long ceased.

A modified version of the MW3 admin plugin SAT (created by szczurcio/Hans Krebs and Kenshin13).

- Same functional config, command and syntax as the original SAT.
- Bug fixes and improvements.

Size (Uncompressed): ~1.7MB (with manual)
Size (Compressed): ~1.2MB (with manual)
Made In: C#
Supported OS: Windows (Should work will all, but have only tested on Windows Server 2008 R2)
Supported TeknoMW3 Version:
Latest Version: 1.04
Download: here

Credits: All the credit goes to szczurcio and Kenshin13 for creating the original SAT. Modifications and improvements by magicbennie.

Basic Installation Instructions:
Extract the downloaded package and move the SATm.dll file into your scripts folder. In your server.cfg file, add loadscript "SATm.dll" and seta SATmCfg SATm.xml to the bottom. Run the server. Enter the game before anyone else and type !iamgod into chat to register yourself as the owner. If someone else joins before you, stop the server, delete the SATm folder inside your scripts folder and restart the server to try again.

More information can be found in the manual included in the download.