FAQ - TIM Black Ops 1 Zombies

Frequently Asked Questions

Twitch Integration Mod

for Black Ops 1 Zombies

Q: Does this work with Xbox/Playstation?
A: No. And it never will. If you wanted expandability with and mods and tools like this, you brought into the wrong platform.

Q: Does this work with cracked versions of BO1?
A: Nope, and support won't be added. The games cheap as during Steam sales or even cheaper on G2A.

Q: Why are two Twitch accounts required for TIM to work?
A: TIM connects to twitch chat via both your primary streaming account and a chat bot you create. Thats just how it's set up. Chat messages from you will appear in Twitch as if you sent them via a browser, while everything else (other players messages, command responses) will be responded to via the bot.

Q: Are any of my sensitive personal details (like passwords) collected by TIM?
A: No. No passwords or other such sensitive information are collected by TIM. The data that TIM collects is only ever related to the game itself. See the licence included with TIM for more details.

Q: I'm playing high round solo and don't want to be distracted by Twitch chat ingame. Can I get rid of that?
A: You sure can. You can toggle Twitch chat appearing ingame whenever you want by either using the !twitchchat command (either ingame or via Twitch) or by clicking the button on the Status tab in TIM.

Q: Whats the deal with the backwards and sidewards movement speed?
A: On PC version of Black Ops, the backwards movement speed is 30% slower and the sidewards is 20% slower than the console versions. Traditionally, people would load Dead Ops Arcade before starting a game to fix this. TIM provides an auto patching feature so doing that is no longer necessary.

Q: Is use of TIM legit? Can it be used for WR attempts?
A: TIM should be perfectly safe to use for leader board/WR attempts. While TIM attaches to the game engine in order to provide automatic and statistically accurate data for you and your viewers, it never modifies the game in any way that could be considered illegitimate.