Twitch Integration Mod (TIM) for Black Ops 1 - Downloads

Twitch Integration Mod (TIM)

for Black Ops 1 Zombies

Open Beta

Twitch Integration Mod (or TIM), at it's most basic level, is a highly configurable platform that acts as a bridge between Twitch & Black Ops. The goal for TIM is to revolutionize how streamers play Black Ops Zombies, in a way that prioritizes fair play and ease of use.

Notable features include: Twitch chat in game and vice versa, statistics collection, logging of games, a varity of commands both ingame and on Twitch that provide streamers, viewers and players with useful information and Widgets; highly configurable windows that show important game information (useful for stream overlays).

TIM also provides various utilities, such as: the ability to change your FOV & FPS caps, forcehost, automatic patching of backwards and sidewards movement speed (so that they match the console versions of the game), a bind manager, a UI customizer and an experimental solution to the broken audio bug.

TIM has entered an Open Beta, but is still in development. Suggestions, bug reports and other comments should be shared in the official Discord. Only for the legitimate Steam version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 Zombies. Multiplayer and cracked versions of the game are not supported.

Size (Uncompressed): ~1.1MB
Supported OS: Windows 8 or above
Required Microsoft .NET redistributable: 4.6.1
License: Included in download.
Download: here

Please read the help & setup guide and the FAQ.